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Torchlight Trouble

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ExitIsNearSign.png Torchlight Trouble ExitSign.png
World Gorilla Glacier
Type Cave
Theme Cave Dweller Concert
Notable features This level is a dark cave, Squawks holds a flashlight to illuminate it.
Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Squawks
Enemies encountered Mincers, Klumps, and Krushas

Game Donkey Kong Country

Torchlight Trouble is the a level of Gorilla Glacier, and fourth cave level overall in Donkey Kong Country. This is also the first and only appearance of Squawks the Parrot in the game.


Donkey Kong ducks beneath a Mincer.

At the start of the level, Squawks can aid Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong by illuminating the cavern, after he is freed from his Animal Crate. The level will be in darkness without Squawks. Torchlight Trouble entails the duo hopping platform to platform, while defeating some Klump or Krusha enemies along the way. Additionally, they will have to leap over some lit Oil Drums and avoid Mincer obstacles.

In the Super Nintendo version of the game, Squawks must be freed only once, at the start of the level, to have throughout the entire stage. In the Game Boy Color version, Squawks must be freed from an Animal Crate at the start of the level, in addition to every time the heroes re-enter the level (i.e. returning from a bonus stage). In the Game Boy Advance port, Squawks is just always with DK and Diddy, without the need to be released from a crate.

Finishing this stage unlocks Rope Bridge Rumble in the SNES and GBC versions of DKC. In the GBA version, it makes the area boss, Really Gnawty, available to fight.


Animal Buddies


Diddy jumps toward the Camera item, found in the GBA version exclusively.
  • Bananas: 29 (does not count bonus levels)
  • Camera (GBA): Right above the level exit is a Camera. Collecting it will add Squawks' picture to the scrapbook.
  • DK Barrels: 2
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Near the bottom of the first pit. Diddy Kong should cartwheel to get it and roll back.
    • O: In the middle of the pit with the floating platform
    • N: In a pit where the floating platform is moving up and down after a lone Mincer.
    • G: Found in a bonus level at the end, where the wooden barrel must be used on the wall near the exit to reveal it.
  • Star Barrel: Shortly after the "O", on a lower level platform.
  • Wooden Barrel: 2

Bonus Levels

The "Stop the Barrel" bonus level.
  • Stop the Barrel: After the Star Barrel, there's a Wooden Barrel near a Krusha; It can be picked up and thrown into the wall southwest to reveal the bonus level. Inside, the barrels cycle through bananas, Banana Bunches, and Red Extra Life Balloons. The Kongs must match all three barrels to win the prize shown.
  • Bash the Baddies: Near the end of the level, DK and Diddy will find a barrel near a Mincer. They must jump over the Mincer and into the long pit, and then they must use the barrel on the wall. Inside, they can stomp on a Klaptrap ten times to receive an Animal Token for Rambi, and use a tire to get the "G" KONG Letter.


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Advance

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