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Team Kong

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Team Kong.

Team Kong is one of the three racing teams in Diddy Kong Pilot 2003. Its rivals are the other two teams: Team Kremling and Team Cranky. The members of Team Kong are Diddy, Dixie, Funky and DK. This team is the first to be playable in the game.

The Team Kong title screen and jungle leaves background are the first seen in the game. After they finish each Kremling-themed cup, Team Kremling is unlocked. The background then gets a honeycomb-themed makeover, and the title screen is redesigned. Its logo says "Kremling Pilot".

Cranky is affiliated with Team Kong and encourages them to overthrow Team Kremling in the "Races" mode.

Member statistics

  • Diddy Kong
    • Speed: 3/5
    • Acceleration: 3/5
    • Weight: 2/5
  • Dixie Kong
    • Speed: 3/5
    • Acceleration: 4/5
    • Weight: 1/5
  • Funky Kong
    • Speed: 4/5
    • Acceleration: 2/5
    • Weight: 3/5
  • Donkey Kong
    • Speed: 4/5
    • Acceleration: 3/5
    • Weight: 4/5