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Enemies Wizpig
Games Diddy Kong Racing
Donkey Kong Racing(canceled)
Diddy Kong Racing DS

Taj the Genie is, as his name implies, a genie of the elephant species. In Diddy Kong Racing, Taj is an acquaintance to Diddy Kong in his quest to get rid of Wizpig. Ingame, the player can race Taj up to three times. If the player wins, Taj will award them with a Golden Balloon. Taj can also change his vehicle.

Taj reappears as an unlockable character in Diddy Kong Racing DS. He is unlocked by defeating Adventure One Mode. Taj has maximum top speed but horrible acceleration and turning. He is the fastest character in the game while in a car.


  • Taj was going to appear in Donkey Kong Racing before it was cancelled. It is unknown if he was set to appear in Diddy Kong Pilot before it became Banjo Pilot.
  • In the original Diddy Kong Racing, Taj had an Indian accent and spoke more often. In Diddy Kong Racing DS, he speaks a lot less.
  • The name Taj also appeared on Tetris Attack's high score board.
  • His name may be based on the Taj Mahal, a famous tomb in India.
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