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Taj - Diddy Kong Racing.png

Taj's artwork from Diddy Kong Racing

Residence Timber's Island
Species Blue elephant
Affiliates Diddy, Timber, etc.
Powers/Abilities Magic, levitation
Enemies Wizpig
Games Diddy Kong Racing
Donkey Kong Racing (cancelled)
Diddy Kong Racing DS

Taj the Genie is an elephant genie with an Indian accent, who resides at Timber's Island. His name is likely based on the Taj Mahal, a famous tomb in India. He usually flies around on his red magic carpet.


Diddy Kong Racing[edit]

In Diddy Kong Racing, Taj helps Diddy and his friends with their goal to banish Wizpig from Timber's Island.

The player can race Taj, on his magic carpet, three times, each time in a different vehicle: first a car, then a hovercraft, and lastly a plane. The player receives three Golden Balloons total, one per race, if every one has been completed. Taj also changes the player's vehicle upon request. If the player wins first place in a race, Taj awards the player with a Golden Balloon.

After Wizpig is beaten in Future Fun Land, his carved mountain head at Timber's Island's hub area is replaced by a golden Taj head.

Diddy Kong Racing DS[edit]

Taj reappears in Diddy Kong Racing DS, and he once again helps Diddy and his friends' goal to banish Wizpig from Timber's Island. Taj is also an unlockable playable character; he is unlocked if the player completes "Adventure One". Taj has maximum top speed with low acceleration and turning ability. He and Wizpig are the fastest car drivers in the game.

Unlike Diddy Kong Racing, if the player asks Taj for help, he only assists him or her with a single thing per encounter. In the Nintendo 64 counterpart, Taj would assist the player until he or she is satisfied. He also received a British accent in lieu of his Indian accent from the Nintendo 64 release, has a tent in the central area of Timber's Island, and hosts the new "Wishes Menu". Taj speaks less often in this version.

He also assigns the player two more challenges: a challenge where the player blows out torches in the Island, and a challenge where the player and him compete to collect ten coins. Taj also challenges the player in a plane, then a hovercraft. The order is reversed in the original release.

If the player plays as Taj and talks to the NPC Taj, he gets confused and claims, "I'm talking to myself!" He then offers assistance to the racer Taj.

Donkey Kong Racing (cancelled)[edit]

Taj on a small, red Rambi.

Taj appears three times in the E3 2001 trailer for Donkey Kong Racing, and he was likely going to be a playable character in the game. He is first seen riding on a small, red Rambi at the beginning of the trailer, then he and Donkey Kong later race on Zingers in a forest, and at the end of the trailer, he flies on a Zinger past the slogan, "LET'S RIDE".



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