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Swanky's Dash

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Swanky's Dash

Swanky's Dash
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Time Limit 45 seconds
Cost Two Bear Coins
Prize(s): Banana Bird (first time), Bear Coin, Bananas, Banana Bunches, Extra Life Balloons
"Watch out for obstacles! They'll take your legs off, if you know what I mean!"
Swanky Kong

Swanky's Dash is a location operated by Swanky Kong, and it only appears in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3. It is the replacement of Swanky's Sideshow from the original version.


Swanky's Dash, selected from the minigame menu.

Swanky's Dash is a virtual-reality game. In it, Dixie (Kiddy, according to Swanky, is too young to participate) runs through a pipeline filled with small stars and explosive spike balls. Dixie's goal is to collect as many stars as possible (100 max) while avoiding spike balls. The spike balls cause her to lose every star she collects if they are touched. Swanky charges her two Bear Coins to play.

Swanky's Dash appears in every world except Krematoa. Its challenge varies between each world. As the game progresses, the pipelines start to include more spike balls. If Dixie wins, she is awarded Bear Coins, Banana Bunches, and an Extra Life Balloon. If she completes the minigame for the first time, she and Kiddy are awarded with a Banana Bird.

Swanky's Dash (along with Cranky's Dojo, and Funky's Rentals) can be replayed from the main menu if the player enters "EXTRAS" in the Cheats menu. Upon selecting Swanky's Dash from the mini-game menu, the player has the option to replay each world's challenge. The game also saves a high score for each world based on how many stars Dixie accumulates.