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Sticky Situation is the thirty-eighth level in Donkey Kong Country Returns, as well as the first area of the Cliff world.


The player starts the course on a rock platform with a poundable cactus and a swaying tree-branch. Proceeing along, they will encounter many bone platforms slowly rising and falling through slowly moving streams of tar. Hopping across, the Kongs will reach a platform with a Bonehead Jed on it, and after dispatching him, they may proceed across more moving bone platforms, and reach another solid platform. Hopping back over the last bone platform grants access to a platform high above with a DK Barrel on it. Continuing forward across more moving bone platforms leads to a vertical tunnel made of fozzilied dinosaur neck-bones. A zebra, (who may have escaped hypnosis) is seen peeking from a hole in the wall, until the player proceeds to jump down. Sliding down a slope, and hopping across more bone platforms leads the player to an Arrow Barrel, to blast them out of the mountain interior, and to the first checkpoint.

After passing the first Tutorial Pig, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will hop across some floating bone platforms in a pit of tar. The tar will not harm the simians, but it covers them instantly, and they cannot run, or jump too high. Ground Pounding will shake it off though. Continuing forward leads to some wooden platforms in the tar pit, the bigger one holding a Bonehead Jed, and the smaller one, (which is higher up), holding a Barrel. The monkeys will then proceed to hop across more rising and falling bone platforms to reach a wooden platform with the 2nd checkpoint on it.

Passing the 2nd and final Tutorial Pig leads to some Arrow Barrels. The Kongs must time when to blast out of them to avoid hitting the Tiki Zings circling around them. After blasting through a few of these, the player will blast upwards to the very top of the cliff, and must tilt some bone-platforms to access the wooden platform high up on the cliff wall, which holds the end-of-level barrel on it.

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