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Slime Climb (Donkey Kong Country 2)

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For the eponymous Donkey Kong Land 2 level, see Slime Climb (Donkey Kong Land 2).
ExitIsNearSign.png Slime Clime ExitSign.png
World Krem Quay
Type Ship Mast
Theme Jib Jig
Notable features Rising water and Snapjaws.
Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Snapjaw, Klomps, Klingers, Krunchas, Klobbers, Neeks, Click-Clacks, Flitters, Zingers, Kannons

Game Donkey Kong Country 2

Slime Climb is the fifth level of the swamp world Krem Quay on Crocodile Isle. Bramble Blast proceeds this level.


Dixie climbs rope up as the slime rises.

Slime Climb is a vertical level taking place in the masts and crow's nests of a ship, similar to Mainbrace Mayhem, but with a twist; It has rising slime with a pink piranha enemy Snapjaw inside the water. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong need to escape the rising slime and the Snapjaw by jumping up the masts, crows nests, and ropes all throughout the level. Although the level gives a sense of a race against time, the slime only rises once certain points are reached, and when another point is reached the slime stops until another location sets it off.

Two ! Barrels will be found in this level, and when touched, they will give Diddy and Dixie invincibility for a brief period of time. Being invincible and contacting the Snapjaw will not defeat it, but Snapjaw likewise cannot hurt the Kongs. The first ! Barrel is above a banana trail underwater that will lead to a Bonus Barrel that couldn't be accessed normally due to Snapjaw's presence. The second ! Barrel, found shortly before the end of the level, can be used to access two items - In the Game Boy Advance remake, the duo can reach the Golden Feather, and in both versions, the DK Coin is found to the lower right of the Exit Target.

If Diddy and Dixie miss the DK Coin, it will be made obvious to them upon finishing the level; In the Super Nintendo version of the game, the camera pans so that the location of the DK Coin is in plain sight, but nothing can be done to reach it aside from replaying the entire level over again. In the Game Boy Advance remake, the camera doesn't pan to the Coin but it is still apparent that it is there.



The "N" is on the lower left of a rope.
  • Banana Coin: 3
  • Barrels:
  • Crate: 1
  • DK Coin: To the bottom right of the level exit; must use the ! Barrel to become invincible and swim for the Coin as quickly as possible.
  • Kannonball: 4
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Underneath the Kruncha.
    • O: To the left of a rope with a Klinger.
    • N: Hovering on some rope after a Zinger.
    • G: In a secret area to the far left of a banana trail that requires Dixie to use her hover ability to get over to it.
  • Golden Feather: In the remake of DKC2, there is a Golden Feather after the second ! Barrel, underneath the mast before the two Flitters.

Bonus Levels

Dixie tosses a Kannonball at a Flitter in the Destroy them All! bonus stage.
  • Collect the Stars! -- The first bonus barrel is reached by using the first ! Barrel to go down into the water, following the banana trail until the Bonus Barrel is found. The duo must accumulate seventy stars under 25 seconds in a small area. The area has a rope in the middle dividing each side, which contain 35 stars each. Their Kremkoin is at the crow's nest where they started.
  • Destroy them All! -- The second bonus level is accessed by putting a Kannonball into a Kannon. In the stage, Diddy and Dixie will have 25 seconds to defeat some Flitter and Zinger that are to the right of platforms, going up. Kannonballs and barrels found along the way up can be used to defeat them.

End Prizes

  • Banana
  • Banana Bunch
  • Banana Coin


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Advance



  • In the Super NES version of this level, when the ! Barrel is used, the Snapjaw will swim around the Kongs if they go underwater. In the Game Boy Advance remake, the Snapjaw will repeatedly bite the Kongs, at a very fast rate to the point where the game experiences slowdown, or "lag".

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