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Scorch 'N' Torch

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World Bright Savannah
Type Savannah/Forest
Notable features Flaming environment
Bonus level(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces ???
Enemies encountered Snomads, chickens, flaming hedgehogs.

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Scorch 'N' Torch is a level in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, set on the Bright Savannah island. Much of the level's Puzzle Pieces can only be collected by dousing patches of fire throughout the level.


The level begins in a grassy savannah at nighttime. A short ways past the starting point is a ledge with a flaming hedgehog on it, which can be defeated if doused with a nearby Water Fruit first. This is followed by a series of leafy platforms growing from trees, which disintegrate upon being jumped on, due to the surrounding flames. The platforms are above a dip in the ground with patches of flame. A nearby cluster of Water Fruits is present to douse them. To the right of the fruit is a DK Barrel, and another dip in the ground with vines swinging overhead. The second vine's tip is on fire, and must be doused unless Donkey Kong decides to grab onto the middle of it. After hopping across a small abyss with fire in it, a sloped grass platform leads to another pit with a vine that must be doused since it is on fire all over. Crossing this chasm and quickly hopping across the fragile leaf platforms leads to the first Tutorial Pig.

Next is a grassy field with an archer penguin who shoots fireballs with his bow, and a trio of Screaming Pillars, (the first of which crushes the archer penguin). Crossing the next small pit leads to a grass platform with a couple of hedgehog enemies and a cluster of Water Fruit. Following this is a piece of raised ground and a pit with fire in it. Afterwards is a set of platforms that start to catch fire if the Kongs stand on them for too long, so they'll have to keep moving. Each of these platforms has a Screaming Pillar on it. After this is a pit with a vine with its tip on fire. After crossing a long dip in the ground, similar to the platforms mentioned two sentences ago, another patch of Water Fruits is present, followed by a large portion of the level where the trees are on fire too, causing fireballs to occasionally drop from above. Crossing the leaf platforms on the following three trees leads to the next checkpoint.

After the second Tutorial Pig, DK must jump to a ledge with another fire-shooting archer penguin, and a trio of vines completely covered in flames. Soon after is a DK Barrel and a patch of charred ground with three viking rabbits hopping around on it. Following this is a sack hanging by a string, which can only be broken if a Water Fruit is thrown at it. Moving on, another Screaming Pillar and a large tree with fireballs falling from it are encountered, and the a trio of vines, each one lit on fire in different places. Passing these and entering an Arrow Barrel blasts the player to the Slot Machine Barrel, which is seen moving around the area it's in.