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Rattle Battle (Donkey Kong Country 2)

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ExitIsNearSign.png Rattle Battle ExitSign.png
World Krem Quay
Type Ship deck
Theme Rattle Battle

Bonus level(s) 3
Animal Buddies Rattly
Enemies encountered Flitter, Kaboing, Kannon, Zinger

Game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Rattle Battle is the fourth level of Krem Quay, which itself is the third world of Donkey Kong Country 2. It is the last ship deck themed level of the game. The next stage is Slime Climb.


Rattly jumps to a Wooden Barrel launched by a Kannon

Rattle Battle begins in front of a cabin of a ship in an acidic sea. If both Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong are present at the immediate start of the stage, they can use their Team-Up ability to jump directly above the start of the stage to an invisible Auto Fire Barrel leading to an area with a Banana Coin, a Banana Bunch, and the first Bonus Barrel. Inside of the cabin, the duo will find an Animal Barrel for Rattly the Rattlesnake. The only way to proceed from this point is to become Rattly, by entering the barrel. Upon emerging from the cabin, Rattly is playable for the entirety of the stage, up until the Exit Target.

As previously seen in Topsail Trouble, Rattly can do a "super" jump, executed by holding down "A" in the Super Nintendo version, or "R" in the Game Boy Advance remake, and releasing upon gathering charge. Although this level doesn't have as many vertical sections, and is in fact mostly horizontal, some Bonus Barrels or items can only be found by jumping to extreme heights. Rattly must use his abilities to jump over gaps and enemies to reach the end. Kaboing enemies are Rattly's biggest threat in this level, because some of them can match Rattly's normal jumping height and if Rattly collides head first with a Kaboing, he will be injured. Kannon enemies will be encountered as well, retaining their role as large Kremlings who will fire projectiles from a cannon they have. Their ammunition consists of either Kannonballs or Wooden Barrels; Kannonballs must be avoided, while Wooden Barrels can actually be jumped off of. At a later point in the stage, Rattly must cross a gap by jumping off of wooden barrels fired by a Kannon. Additionally, Zinger and Flitter enemies will be found in mid-air, and can be jumped off of to gain a height boost.

The level's DK Coin is slyly hidden, below deck of a ripped portion of the ship shortly before the Star Barrel. A Barrel Cannon located east of a Zinger will launch Rattly above deck and into the DK Coin.



Rattly finds a Banana Coin with a Zinger on top of it.
  • Banana Coin: 2
  • Barrels:
  • Extra Life Balloon: A prize at the exit target.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: On a stack of barrels after a Kaboing.
    • O: A Zinger circles the "O".
    • N: Over a gap near a Kannon. Rattly must jump on a barrel Kannon fires to get it and continue the level.
    • G: On top of a tall stack of barrels near several Kaboing.
  • Golden Feather: In the Game Boy Advance remake, the golden feather is on a stack of two barrels after a Kannon.
  • Photograph: Also GBA exclusive, one of the Kaboings has a camera above it head, and if it is defeated, the heroes will gain its photo.

Bonus Levels

The first bonus room.
  • Find the Kremkoin! -- If both Kongs are present at the start of the level, they can use the Team-Up ability to get high enough to reach a Barrel Cannon that will launch them near the Bonus Barrel entrance to this bonus room. In the bonus room, they must find the Kremkoin under 25 seconds. The heroes must jump on some large barrels, traveling up left and then going right.
  • Find the Kremkoin! -- The entrance to this bonus level is found below deck. Once Rattly enters it, he will have ten seconds to reach the other side of the area, and must use some Zingers to jump on and get over to the koin. The Kremkoin is floating above a crow's nest.
  • Collect the Stars! -- The bonus barrel is above a trail of some bananas. In the remake, it is lower to the ground. Rattly has forty seconds to collect all 75 stars in the area. Several stacks of barrels are around to help Rattly reach the stars. The Kremkoin is on the top right stack.

End Prizes

  • Banana Bunch
  • Banana Coin
  • Extra Life Balloon


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Advance


  • The room where Diddy and Dixie become Rattly has a different coloration depending on which version of the game is being played -- In the original Super Nintendo version, the room is identical to the room where the ransom note is found in Pirate Panic. In the Game Boy Advance remake, the room has been recolored green, fitting with the palette of the level overall.
  • A section of the music that plays in this level is a remix of Gangplank Galleon's music from Donkey Kong Country.

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