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Rambi Rumble (Donkey Kong Country 2)

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For the eponymous level in Donkey Kong Land 2, see Rambi Rumble (Donkey Kong Land 2).
ExitIsNearSign.png Rambi Rumble ExitSign.png
World Krazy Kremland
Type Beehive
Theme Flight of the Zinger
Run Rambi! Run! (Bad Bird Rag in the GBA version; possibly by mistake)
Notable features King Zing chasing Rambi near the end of the level.

Animal Buddies Rambi (via transformation)
Enemies encountered Zingers, Kutlass, Klampons, Krunchas

Game Donkey Kong Country 2

Rambi Rumble is the sixth level of Krazy Kremland in Donkey Kong Country 2, available upon completion of Mudhole Marsh. King Zing is encountered in this stage, and actually fought in the proceeding and final level of the area, called King Zing Sting.


The heroes climb some honey coated walls.

Rambi Rumble is the second beehive level in the game, and it follows Hornet Hole's footsteps by having honey coated floors, walls, several dozen Zingers, and a usable Animal Buddy. As the title of the level would suggest, the animal buddy that is playable is Rambi the Rhinoceros. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong will transform into Rambi in the second half of the level. In the first half, they are on their own. The duo must leap up the honey coated walls while being wary of the aforementioned Zinger bee enemies, who cannot be defeated normally. Additionally, there are some Klampon enemies who cannot be defeated with a frontal attack, and Kutlasses, a type of Kremling that slashes near Diddy or Dixie when they approach, and are open to counterattack when their swords get stuck in the ground. Right at the start of the level, the floor is almost entirely coated in honey, meaning that the duo will have to jump constantly to progress, since the honey will make it too difficult to walk.

Past the Star Barrel, a lone Kutlass will be seen guarding the entrance to a room that holds Rambi's Animal Barrel. Jumping upward at the entrance to the room will reveal invisible hooks that can be used to gain height and get over the entrance to the other side without becoming Rambi. This way, Diddy or Dixie can pick up the DK Coin before resuming the level as Rambi. Rambi will ignore any honey coated on the ground and defeat any yellow Zinger enemy by hitting them with his horn, or jumping on them. Some Kannon enemies may harm Rambi by launching Wooden Barrels or Kannonballs at him, however. Eventually, Rambi will encounter King Zing, the area boss who will try to chase Rambi out of the hive. He must outrun the giant wasp by utilizing the various Zingers found in the path. After the chase has finished, Rambi can do a charged run into a wall left of the No Animal Sign to get to a bonus room. Beyond the No Animal Sign is the level exit.



A Kutlass with a photograph.
  • Banana Bunch: 1
  • Banana Coin: 2
  • Barrels:
  • DK Coin: Before the entrance to a room guarded by a Kutlass, jumping upward will latch Diddy or Dixie onto hidden hooks. Climbing them will lead to the DK Coin near a honey wall.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Below a hook located southeast of the first Klampon encountered.
    • O: Obtained by doing a roll jump over an abyss shortly before the Star Barrel.
    • N: Above the middle Zinger in a succession of three Zingers above a Kannon enemy.
    • G: One of the prizes at the Exit Target
  • No Animal Sign: 1
  • Golden Feather: In the Game Boy Advance remake of the game, the golden feather is southeast of the second Klampon found in the level. The best way to reach it is to grab onto the honey wall below, and jump to the hook, and then to the feather and Arrow Barrel.
  • Photograph: A Kutlass found normally in the level has a photograph of itself obtainable by defeating it.

Bonus Levels

The first bonus stage
  • Find the Coin! -- The first bonus level is accessed past the second spinning Barrel Cannon. A lone banana can be jumped on to reveal a hidden hook, which can be jumped off of to the nearby honey wall, and at the top is the entrance to the room. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs must climb up a honey wall within fifteen seconds.
  • Destroy Them All! -- The second bonus stage is accessible after the King Zing chase. Instead of going inside the Barrel Cannon, use a Supercharge to break through the nearby wall. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs must climb down a shaft and defeat every Kruncha and Zinger for a Kremkoin.

End Prizes

  • Banana
  • Banana Bunch
  • "G" Letter


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Advance



  • In the Game Boy Advance re-release, the theme "Bad Bird Rag" plays instead of "Run, Rambi! Run!" during the chase segment. However, "Run, Rambi! Run!" is still in the game's sound test, so the programmers may have made a mistake.

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