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Pot Hole Panic (Donkey Kong Country 3)

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ExitIsNearSign.png Pot Hole Panic ExitSign.png
World Razor Ridge
Type Cave
Theme Cavern Caprice
Notable features This level features all the Animal Buddies that can be ridden.
Bonus level(s) Two
Animal Buddies Squawks, Ellie, Enguarde, Squitter
Enemies encountered Booty Birds, Kopters, Kocos, Lurchins, Bounty Basses, Kuchukas, Buzzes, Koin

Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Pot Hole Panic is the fourth level of Razor Ridge, unlocked by completion of Floodlit Fish.


Dixie and Kiddy dismount Enguarde and proceed toward Ellie's Animal Crate.

In this level, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong venture through a purple cavern, and it features several animal buddies. The first segment of Pot Hole Panic entails Dixie/Kiddy riding Squawks the Parrot. Squawks can fly and use a nut spit attack to defeat most enemies. Kuchuka enemies are encountered for the first time, being purple colored enemies hiding in a barrel that toss bombs. Kopter and Booty Bird patrol the air. Next, a water portion, where Enguarde the Swordfish can be used by breaking its Animal Crate to the right of the "O" KONG Letter. Koco, Bounty Bass, and Lurchin are found underwater. Beyond that is Ellie the Elephant's part, where she must avoid Kuchuka bombs, Kopters, and eventually swim in a pool of water. She can be used to reach the "N" Letter and the first bonus stage. Finally, Squitter the Spider is usable for the conclusion of the level. Squitter can get to the "G" Letter and the second bonus stage.

The level's Koin can be found directly above the location of the End of Level Flag -- Kiddy must toss Dixie up via Team-Up throw to reach it. Raising the flag will grant the ability to go to the level Ropey Rumpus.



The duo find the "G" Letter.
  • Animal Crate: 4
  • Banana Bunch: 5
  • Bear Coin: 3
  • DK Barrel: 4
  • DK Coin: Koin is found above the End of Level Flag. Kiddy can throw Dixie above the platform to a barely seeable platform to find Koin, and northwest of that platform is another platform with a Steel Barrel.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Defeating the first Booty Bird will reveal the "K" Letter.
    • O: The "O" Letter is at the end of a banana trail above a pool of water proceeding some Booty Bird enemies.
    • N: When using Ellie, after dropping into a pool of water, proceed west.
    • G: Above a Red Buzz in the Super Nintendo version of the game, below it in the Gameboy Advance remake.
  • No Animal Sign: 1
  • Star Barrel: At the end of the Enguarde segment and start of the Ellie segment; Above Ellie's Animal Crate.

Bonus Levels

The second bonus room.
  • Collect 20 Stars! -- Found above the "N" Letter, reached by having Ellie jump upward and then dismounting Ellie for a height boost. Twenty seconds are given to obtain twenty stars above a pool of water. Similar to the fashion Dixie/Kiddy got into the bonus barrel, they must jump off Ellie to reach all the stars. In the Gameboy Advance remake, the stage was altered so that Ellie is not used at all, fifteen seconds are provided,
  • Grab 15 Bananas! -- With Squitter, beyond the letter "G", a Kuchuka will be throwing bombs from high above. Squitter can use web platforms to get up there and access the bonus barrel. In the stage, fifteen bananas must bed amassed within thirty seconds. The room gives the heroes little room to move, as a Kuchuka is throwing bombs from afar to the area with green bananas. The Gameboy Advance remake changed this stage so that forty-five seconds are provided, and only ten green bananas need to be gathered. Also, Squitter is not used in the stage in the remake.


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