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DKBarrelsprite.png Patch DKBarrelsprite.png
Sprite of the Patch.
Usage For Funky Kong to patch a hole in the Hover Craft he made.
Location Obtained for defeating Arich.
Game appearances Donkey Kong Country 3

The Patch is an item in Donkey Kong Country 3.

The Patch is an essential part to the Hover Craft, a vehicle that can scale submerged rocks in the Northern Kremisphere hub world. Dixie and Kiddy will receive the Patch if they defeat Arich in Kremwood Forest.

By returning to Funky's Rentals with the Patch, Funky explains that it was "just what he needed" to finish building the Hover Craft. The Patch was only used to patch a hole in the Hover Craft's inflated tube.

The Patch can be seen in artwork with the Hover Craft. In its standalone artwork, the patch is on the left side, whereas in the promotional photo featuring Dixie and Kiddy, it is on the right side. Said artwork is reversed on both the American and European box covers of the original Donkey Kong Country 3, meaning that the Patch is on the left side.