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No. 6 Wrench

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DKBarrelsprite.png No. 6 Wrench DKBarrelsprite.png
Sprite of the No. 6 Wrench.
Usage To fix Björn's broken chairlift service in Razor Ridge.
Location Barter gives this to Dixie and Kiddy in exchange for a Mirror.
Game appearances Donkey Kong Country 3

A No. 6 Wrench is an item that is required to get a Banana Bird Cave in Donkey Kong Country 3. Dixie and Kiddy Kong obtain this item by going to Barter's Swap Shop and trading a Mirror for the Wrench. This item is needed for Björn's broken chairlift in Razor Ridge. By giving him the wrench, he can fix the chairlift and the Kongs can access the Banana Bird Cave on the other side.