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Mudhole Marsh (Donkey Kong Country 2)

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For the eponymous level in Donkey Kong Land 2, see Mudhole Marsh (Donkey Kong Land 2).
ExitIsNearSign.png Mudhole Marsh ExitSign.png
Mudhole Marsh
World Krazy Kremland
Type Swamp
Theme Bayou Boogie

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies N/A
Enemies encountered Flitter, Zinger, Krochead, Click-Clack, Cat-O-9-Tails

Game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Mudhole Marsh is a level found in Krazy Kremland, reached upon completion of Rickety Race. After Mudhole Marsh, the final regular level of the area, Rambi Rumble, is made available.


A Cat-O-9-Tails will use its spinning attack when it spots Diddy.

Mudhole Marsh is, as the title suggests, a swamp found near the end of the poorly maintained amusement park of Kremland. Mudhole Marsh takes elements from previous swamp levels found in Krem Quay, where Dixie Kong and Diddy Kong must reach the end of the swamp while avoiding jumping into the murky waters and watching out for enemies. The swamp has piers to get across, but throughout the level the Kongs have to cross gaps, made possible by utilizing various lily pads and barrels as platforms. In addition, they can climb onto giant upright cattails. Mini-Necky, Zinger, and Flitter are all found flying above the swamp waters, patrolling the air space. On the swamp's piers, the unique Cat-O-9-Tails enemies are encountered. If Diddy or Dixie jump into the Cat-O-Nine-Tails as its spinning, they can be launched up into items or Bonus Barrels. Later in the level, Kannon enemies firing wooden barrels are encountered. The wooden barrels must be jumped off of to progress in the stage.

The level's DK Coin is obtainable at the level's Exit Target.



Diddy is flung by Cat-O-Nine-Tails into the "G" Letter.

Bonus Levels

The "Collect the Stars!" bonus area.
  • Collect The Stars! -- The first Bonus Barrel is above a Cat-o-Ninie-Tails. The Kongs will be in a swamp area where they have to gather thirty stars before the thirty second time limit runs out. Ten stars are found above each of the three platforms, and on the right pier is the Kremkoin.
  • Destroy Them All! -- The second Bonus Level is gotten to by putting a Kannonball into a Kannon. The duo have twenty seconds to defeat four Zingers and two Flitters. Some Kannonballs are found throughout the area to handle the flying fiends.

End Prizes

  • DK Coin
  • Banana Bunch
  • Banana Coin


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