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DKBarrelsprite.png Mirror DKBarrelsprite.png
A sprite of the Mirror.
Usage Trade the Mirror to Barter for a No. 6 Wrench.
To give to Baffle to decode a secret message. (optional)
Location Priced at 50 Bear Coins at Bazaar's General Store
Game appearances Donkey Kong Country 3

The Mirror is a Brothers Bear item with two different purposes in Donkey Kong Country 3.

In the original Super Nintendo version, the Mirror is bought from Bazaar's General Store for an expensive fifty Bear Coins. According to Bazaar himself the mirror belonged to Cranky Kong's great-grandfather. When purchased, it can be used at Barter's Swap Shop in exchange for a No. 6 Wrench, which is used for Björn's broken chairlifts in Razor Ridge.

The mirror can be bought back from Barter for ten Bear Coins. It has a second use, for when the Kongs meet Baffle, he can use the mirror to decode a secret message of how to unlock a Banana Bird Cave in KAOS Kore. This is an optional use however because the cave can be found with or without decoding the message. It can later be bought back again for ten Bear Coins.

It's worth noting this item has strange effects on the bear's cabins; Barter's cabin is completely mirrored when he is in possession of it, while Baffle speaks backwards when he has it. As stated above, they can be reverted to normal when bought from them.