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Millstone Mayhem

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ExitIsNearSign.png Millstone Mayhem ExitSign.png
World Monkey Mines
Type Ancient Temple
Theme Voices of the Temple

Bonus level(s) 3
Animal Buddies Winky
Enemies encountered Gnawtys on Millstones, Krushas, Slippas, Kritters

Game Donkey Kong Country

Millstone Mayhem is the fifth level of Monkey Mines, proceeding Stop & Go Station. This is the final level before the area guardian, Master Necky.


Diddy runs under a Millstone Gnawty.

Millstone Mayhem introduces two new enemies -- The tough thug-like Krusha minions, and the Millstone Gnawty enemies, with the latter taking a prominent role in the level. The Krushas are introduced early on in the level, and march forward Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's direction. They seem intimidating at first, and the only way to defeat them is if Donkey Kong jumps on them, or if either Kong throws a barrel at it. If Diddy tries to jump on a Krusha, the Krusha will laugh and be unaffected. The Millstone Gnawty enemies are regular Gnawty enemies inside of a detached mill, and spin the mill from the inside; thus, they cannot be damaged. Since not even TNT Barrels can stop Millstone Gnawty, they must be avoided. The level also features Slippas that drop into pits, leaping Kritters in groups, and projectile-throwing Necky enemies. Winky the Frog can be found in its Animal Crate in a hidden area accessed with a Tire, past the Star Barrel.

Getting to the end of the stage will allow the duo to go to Candy's Dance Studio (GBA) / Candy's Challenge (GBC) and the previously mentioned area boss, Master Necky.



Winky above the "N" Letter
  • Animal Token: 1 for Enguarde is rewarded for finishing the second bonus stage.
  • Barrels:
  • Green Extra Life Balloon: Rewarded for success in the third bonus area.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: In the first bonus area.
    • O: After the second Millstone Gnawty, the "O" can be found above a depression in the terrain.
    • N: Found after a Slippa pit.
    • G: A lone Necky guards the "G" near the end of the level.
  • Winky's Animal Crate: In a secret area accessed by utilizing the second Tire to get above the airborne Millstone Gnawty and into the area.
  • Tire: 2

Bonus Levels

The "Stop the Barrel!" Bonus stage.
  • Collect the Prizes: Located above the entrance of the level; All the Kongs have to do is bounce on a nearby tire and go left. They will be in a spinning barrel cannon, and can launch themselves upward to get prizes. A DK Barrel is on the left, a Banana Bunch is in the middle, and the "K" KONG Letter is to the right.
  • Spell it Out: After the first red Gnawty, the Kongs must fall into a pit. An automatic Barrel Cannon will shoot them up; they must then move right to hit a weak spot on the ground. They must then roll the tire that pops out past the O until they reach the next Gnawty over. He guards a Bonus Barrel. Inside, they must spell "Rare" by touching the letters, being careful not to hit the Kritter heads (which will speed up the spinning of the letters), already-touched letters, or letters in the improper order.
  • Stop the Barrel: Just before the halfway point, DK and Diddy will find a TNT Barrel. One of them must carry it past a few Krushas into a pit with a red Gnawty above it and throw the barrel at the right wall. Inside, they'll play a game similar to Ropey Rampage's second bonus level, where a Green Extra Life Balloon will appear and disappear across four Barrels, and the player must keep track of where it goes last and jump to the corresponding barrel.


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance

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  • An exploit/glitch in this level can earn the player 99 lives. In Donkey Kong Country, an extra life is awarded after jumping or rolling into 8 consecutive enemies and additional ones for each successive attack. This can be applied to Diddy Kong jumping on a Krusha early in the level. Normally Diddy would bounce back, however if pinned against a wall he will not move back and will allow him to go on a long "combo" and earn many lives. This video demonstrates the exploit in action. This glitch does not work in the Game Boy Advance version because the player will get hurt after the second jump.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, an extra TNT Barrel was added to this level to make it easier.

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