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Key Temple

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Not to be confused with Golden Temple.

A Key Temple is a special kind of temple situated on Donkey Kong Island as well as some neighboring islands. They made their debut in Donkey Kong Country Returns, where there is one in each of the 8 main worlds. They are unlocked by collecting all of the world's K-O-N-G Letters. They must all be beaten by collecting the Rare Orb at the end of each temple, each with its own set hazards. Collecting all 8 rare orbs open the entrance to the Golden Temple. Unlike the other levels in the game, Key Temples do not have KONG Letters, and only have Time Attack, Mirror Mode, and Puzzle Piece medals.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

As noted above, Key Temples debut in Returns. The locations and names of each temple are listed below...

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Key Temples make a return in the Wii U sequel, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, where they play the exact same role as before. However, this time, there are only six of them, and the collectibles found at the end of each temple are Relics instead of Rare Orbs. The names and locations of each temple are listed below...