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BananaCoinIconRight.png Hogs BananaCoinIconLeft.png
Hog from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Homeland The Fruit Kingdoms

Affiliations Ghastly King
Enemies Donkey Kong
Games Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Hogs are a race of giant boars in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat who constantly attempt to hinder Donkey Kong's quest.


Hogs will throw melons and spiked fruit. Sometimes the melons will have electricity surrounding them which Donkey Kong will have to clap off. As for the spiked balls, those will have to avoided. Some hogs (such as Bloat-Hog) will rush toward you in a stream of electricity, which also has to be avoided. Gloat-Hog will throw balls of electricity at Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong will give the final attack and the hog will pass out.

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