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Creating an account is free and easy. It also has several other benefits to editing logged-out.

List of advantages[edit]

Giving yourself a name[edit]

When you register, you will get to give yourself a username. When people edit anonymously, in the Recent changes, their edits are accredited to their own IP number. This is visible to the public in the edited page's history and as mentioned, the recent changes, which many users check daily. In most cases your IP address will not mean anything or give information to editors who see it, but there is a security risk. For example if you are editing from a work computer, this may allow others to work out your location or other details. If you are worried about this, you should log in to edit, which will hide your IP.

Please note at any time the wiki Sysops can freely check a user's IP address if they are accused of abusing accounts.


When a person logs in, they have access to their own preferences for the wiki. These preferences can tweak how a wiki appears to a user among other things. These include language settings, email changes, a custom signature or even changing the skin of the wiki for the user. In addition, aside from preferences, the contributions you make will be recorded in Special:Contributions and in Special:Editcount. Lastly, you can make your own userpage to tell the community more about yourself and a personal talk page, and will be notified with a banner each time someone adds a message. Being able to communicate easily makes it a lot easier to build a wiki.


  • Editors cannot gain additional user rights, such as rollback, unless they're signed in.
  • Signed in users can edit certain pages that those not logged in can edit. These pages have been "protected" from anonymous editing.
  • Only users can upload images.

So please consider creating an account and logging in. It's free, and simple. Click here to go to the log-in page.