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Any user who has made an account and logged in can make their own personal User page. It can be accessed by clicking on your username in the upper right when logged in or via Special:MyPage.


When you register, your username is assigned a page. Let's say for example your user name is "Donkey Kong." Your userpage would be at "User:Donkey Kong." User pages are treated similar to regular articles:

  • It will appear as a red link just like any other page until created.
  • User pages are free to edit by anyone and do not "belong" to anyone, though is considered rude for someone other than the user to edit and in such cases unwelcomed edits can be reverted.
  • All edits to it count towards the user's Edit count and use the wiki licensing, CC BY-SA 3.0.
  • They show up in search engines and are available for the public to see, so beware of what you put in your page!
  • Creation of a user page will not count towards the Donkey Kong Wiki's article total.


Users are allowed to make their userpage as simple or complicated as possible; your user page can consist of simply "Hello!" if you prefer. Or, rather, you could give yourself your own infobox and go into detail upon detail of your history with Donkey Kong or admiration towards the games.

There currently is no limit on personal images, but users should not go overboard on personal photos and result in a limit.

You may not use your user page for any content that is prohibited on Donkey Kong Wiki. This includes copyright violations, pornography, excessive advertising or spam, promotion of illegal activities, and hate speech. This is mostly common sense.