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The ability to Search is a feature of all standard wikis, including Donkey Kong Wiki.

  • For those using the default "Monobook" skin, the search bar is in the upper left corner of the page.
  • For those using the "Vector" skin, the search bar is to the upper right corner above the page.

Using the search bar[edit]

  • The basic search engine is used to find articles, images, etc. After typing in the query, click the Go to be taken directly to the first result of the search, if such a page exists. If it doesn't, the results of the Search button will be displayed. The search will look for word matches, whether it be in the article title or content of all pages and files of the wiki. Certain areas of the wiki, such as the Talk pages and Category pages will not show up unless Advance Searched (see below).
  • After searching, the results can be Filtered by Mainspace, Multimedia, Help/Project Pages, and Everything.
  • The Advanced Search will allow you to filter results even further and add more possibilities to get results -- Talk pages, templates, and even categories will pop up in the advanced search.
  • If the query in question still does not seem to exist, users are welcome to Create the page, if it is relevant to the Donkey Kong universe. Fresh pages can be started via typing in the article name into the template located in the "Helping out" section of DKWiki's Main Page.