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For the helicopter in Donkey Kong Country 3 that is also known as the Gyrocopter, see Funky-Copter.
The Gyrocopter.

The Gyrocopter is a helicopter owned by Funky Kong. It exclusively appears in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 2. It replaces the Biplane Barrel from the original Super Nintendo version. The Gyrocopter's purpose is to travel Diddy and Dixie between worlds that they have already accessed, just like the Funky Barrel and the Gyrocopter's original counterpart, the Biplane Barrel.

Funky only allows the Kongs to use the Gyrocopter if they show to him that they can pilot it by completing the "Aerial Loop" challenge of the Funky's Flights II mini-game at Gangplank Galleon. If Diddy and Dixie complete the challenge, the player can use the Gyrocopter at any time from the START menu.

The Gyrocopter is used in every challenge of Funky's Flights II. It can drop bombs and fire bullets; in some challenges, the Gyrocopter can release a grappling hook to hook onto objects like a Treasure Chest. The Gyrocopter has a limited fuel supply.