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World Lost Island
Type Labyrinth
Theme Glass Labyrinth 1

Game DK Jungle Climber

Glass Labyrinth is the second level of Lost Island in Donkey Kong Jungle Climber.


The level begins on a section of land surrounded by water. The Kong should jump in the water, hit the DK Barrel, and swim to the right. The Kong should sink the the bottom, where they will find an Auto-Fire Barrel. The barrel will launch them into another, which will fire them into two Lockjaws. Another Auto-Fire Barrel will launch the Kongs to a rocky ledge. The Kongs can then jump over the left edge and grab the pegs below. After going right for a while, the Kongs will find the end of the section.

The Kongs will see Xananab at the start, who will describe a device which opens a wormhole. The Kong should then jump down the gap into water and swim left, the Kong will find the device, floating over two gaps with Lockjaws in them. The Kong should climb a set of pegs to obtain the device. An Auto-Fire Barrel can be accessed by either by avoiding the Flitter or defeating it. The barrel will launch the Kong towards Xananab, who will open a wormhole, allowing the Kongs to continue to the next section.

Special Barrels


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