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Gangplank Galley (Donkey Kong Country 2)

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For the eponymous level in Donkey Kong Land 2, see Gangplank Galley (Donkey Kong Land 2).
ExitIsNearSign.png Gangplank Galley ExitSign.png
World Gangplank Galleon
Type Ship Deck
Theme Klomp's Romp

Bonus level(s) 2

Enemies encountered Neeks, Klomps, Krunchas, Kaboings, Zingers

Game Donkey Kong Country 2

Gangplank Galley is the third level of Gangplank Galleon, which itself is the first world of Donkey Kong Country 2. Lockjaw's Locker is the next level.


A Kaboing approaches Diddy

The level is similar to Pirate Panic in terms of style—the sun will set slowly over the course of the level and takes place on a wrecked pirate ship. It also features the Neek and Klomp enemies. Newly introduced are the Kaboing, Kruncha, and Zinger enemies. The Kaboings are jumping versions of Klomps who harass Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong throughout the level with high reaching attacks. Kruncha are burly Kremlings who can only be defeated with a barrel, crate, or by tossing a Kong into them with the Team-Up ability. Trying to jump on them normally will enrage them and make them move faster and be unable to take damage briefly. Finally, the Zinger only appears in the first bonus level.

Secrets are often hidden in the high, seemingly unreachable areas of steeply stacked barrels found in the level. Things to be found include KONG Letters, Banana Coins, and even a Bonus Barrel. In the Game Boy Advance port, three Banana Coins were added to be behind the Exit Target.

GangplankGalley-SNES-1.png GangplankGalley-SNES-6.png
A comparison of the level's time of day at its beginning and at its end.



Dixie jumps to the "O" Letter
  • Bananas: 121 (34 more in bonuses)
  • Banana Coins: 7 (three more in the GBA port)
  • Barrels:
    • DK Barrels: 3
    • Star Barrel: Shortly after the area with highly-stacked barrels.
    • Warp Barrel: Found by using the team up ability and tossing one Kong upwards to the right of the first bonus barrel (see "External Links" section for visual).
    • ! Barrel: 1
  • Red Extra Life Balloon: 2
  • DK Coin: At the beginning, the player must go on top of the barrel stack and jump to the right hooks.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: After the two Klomps, airborne near a hook.
    • O: In a high location, in the area with many barrels stacked high the Team Up ability must be used to reach it. The "O" will be floating between two hooks.
    • N: On the top of a two-floored barrel stack; Kruncha should be guarding it.
    • G: In a treasure chest.
  • Golden Feather (GBA): Proceeding the Star Barrel and Kruncha, the Kongs will have to cross an abyss by jumping on hooks. Instead of jumping on the hooks, they should roll jump down and left to be taken into a barrel cannon to launch them into two Banana Coins and the feather. There is a lone floating banana to act as an indicator of where to go.
  • Treasure Chests: 5 (4 more in bonus)

Bonus levels

The first bonus level
  • Find the Token! -- The first bonus barrel is directly above the starting location. Diddy and Dixie can jump off of the barrel stacks to reach it. In the stage, the time limit is ten seconds to discover which of the four treasure chests in the room contains a Kremkoin; The chests are revealed by throwing them at a red Zinger enemy. The chests without the Kremkoin contain bananas.
  • Find the Token! -- The second bonus barrel is reached by using the ! Barrel to become invincible, and jumping to the top of a high stack of barrels with Krunchas on them. In the stage, fifteen seconds are given to get to the top of the area. The Kongs will have to jump off of hooks to reach the end.

End Prizes


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