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Funky's Rentals

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"Since moving to this place, I've become a real grease monkey!"
Funky Kong
Bananacoin-dkcr.png Funky's Rentals Bananacoin-dkcr.png
Funky's Rentals.png
Greater location Northern Kremisphere
Inhabitants Funky Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3

Funky's Rentals is a rental garage operated by Funky Kong during the events of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It is the successor of Funky's Flights and Funky's Flights II, which are from Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 respectively.


Unlike Funky's previous services, he only operates one of his Rentals, which is found at the southern Northern Kremisphere. It is found right of the first Save Cave/Retreat. Upon entering the Rentals for the first time, Dixie is given by Funky her toddler cousin: Kiddy, who acts as her sidekick.

At his rentals, Funky's lends his motorboats to Dixie and Kiddy, which they use to access the Northern Kremisphere's worlds. Funky initially only has a single boat: the Motor Boat, but as the Kongs obtain items by completing some of the worlds, Funky utilizes the items to construct two more boats: the Hover Craft, which can sail over rocks, and the Turbo Ski, which can scale waterfalls and rocks.

When Dixie and Kiddy collect each DK Coin scattered around the Northern Kremisphere, Funky constructs them a hovercraft called the "Gyrocopter". The Gyrocopter can hover above the North Kremisphere, and this vehicle also allows the Kongs to access certain Banana Bird Caves and visit the Banana Bird Queen.

In the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3, Funky houses a caged Banana Bird at his Rentals. In order for Dixie and Kiddy to earn it, they must complete Funky's four challenges, listed in chronological order: "Destroy", "Disarm", "Protect", and "Race". The first challenge is available by default, and the other ones become available when Funky constructs new vehicles.


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