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Funky's Armory

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Bananacoin-dkcr.png Funky's Armory Bananacoin-dkcr.png
Funky's Armory - Donkey Kong 64.png

Funky's Armory in Donkey Kong 64
Greater location DK Isles
Inhabitants Funky Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64

Funky's Armory, also known as Funky's Store, is a service in Donkey Kong 64 where the Kongs can purchase weapons and weapon upgrades from Funky Kong. It appears in every world, except for Hideout Helm. The music and atmosphere of the shop resemble an army surplus store, as does the design of Funky himself.

In Donkey Kong 64's kiosk demo, the building's marquee reads "ARMOURY", and the building lacks a satellite and a satellite dish.


Each weapon costs three Banana Bunch Coins. Funky provides each Kong one weapon. He also entirely replenishes the Kongs' weapon ammo. The weapons he provides are:


  • Ammo Belt 1 - 3 Banana Bunch Coins - Allows the Kongs to hold 100 weapon ammo.
  • Homing Ammo - 5 Banana Bunch Coins - Allows the Kongs to use homing ammo, which causes their shots to home in on enemies.
  • Ammo Belt 2 - 5 Banana Bunch Coins - Allows the Kongs to hold 200 weapon ammo.
  • Sniper Scope - 7 Banana Bunch Coins - Allows the Kongs to see and fire farther in first-person mode.