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Fugu, the Frightening

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Fugu, as he appears in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
Full Name Fugu, the Frightening
Residence Sea Breeze Cove
Species Pufferfish
Gender Male
Affiliates Snowmads
Powers/Abilities Inflating his own body, blowing strong water currents
Enemies Kong Family
Games Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Fugu, the Frightening is the boss of the Sea Breeze Cove island in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and the fourth boss of the entire game.


At an unspecified time before the events of the game, Fugu was instated as a member of the Snomads, and was sent to conquer Sea Breeze Cove, which he obediently did, while simultaneously taking up residence in an undersea cave. When Donkey Kong and company eventually discovered his hideout, they decided to scare him by quietly swimming up from behind and yelling. While the Kongs were entertained with their prank, Fugu was enraged by this and drastically increased in size to try and intimidate them. When they realized that he worked for the Snomads, the Kongs agreed to fight him. Despite his best efforts, Fugu was defeated and sent reeling away.


Fugu is a very round, yellow pufferfish with proportionately small blue fins that are wrapped in metal bands, making them resemble ponytails. His only garment is a large, blue bib around his neck with the Snowmad insignia on it. Fugu's eyes are large and angled with thick blue eyebrows, and his mouth is full of sharp teeth and lined with thick reddish lips. At first, his relative size appears to be rather small, roughly the size of Donkey Kong himself. However, upon being startled, his size increases immensely, and fluctuates numerous times throughout the battle, even growing large enough to take up half of the arena. Like most pufferfish, Fugu has tiny red spikes that erect only when he inflates himself, and cover his entire body except for the patch of skin around his tail, leaving him open to attacks from behind. With each phase during his boss fight, Fugu develops reddish lines along his body, which turn darker with time.


Despite his evil alignment, Fugu appears to be rather docile (if a bit absent-minded), which leaves him quite vulnerable to surprises. Whenever he does get surprised however, he does not take kindly to it, and will respond forcibly and aggressively. He also shows noticeable confidence when fighting enemies (even openly laughing at the pain he inflicts on others), but tends to get uptight whenever he gets hit.

Powers and abilities

Befitting his species, Fugu is capable of inhaling or exhaling water (creating strong currents in the process) in order to increase or decrease his size at will. By growing larger, he can corner his opponents easily, making up for his slow swimming-speed. By exhaling water, he can also aim the current in any direction and even use it to spin around and move about the arena. His cavernous stomach is infested with countless sea urchins and smaller pufferfish (the latter could possibly be his children), which he can spit out and send at his foes in waves. However, Fugu is not entirely protected, as his backside is completely exposed with no spines to protect it, leaving him open to attacks from behind. The pufferfish he sends out can also be knocked back at him, stunning him and leaving him open to attacks from any angle.


  • Fugu is the only boss character in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze who has his name within the name of his boss fight.
  • Whenever DK gets hit during his boss fight, Fugu will break the fourth wall by looking at the screen and chuckling.