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Before chaos ensures:

Taken from [1] :

I was happy to see that Donkey Kong wiki was added today, they had very good articles. But then I checked the Super Mario wiki and saw they have almost the exact same articles for every thing on Donkey kong wiki. I say either Donkey Kong wiki must leave or Super Mario wiki but delete all there donkey kong articles and provide a link to the donkey kong wiki
Let me explain. This will be a mouthful and a half.
You see, in the early days of the wiki (then on Wikia), several articles were copied off MW out of desperation. I'm fully aware of that. However, I purposely go out of my way to differ from MW as much as possible. I simply believe there is way too much DK info on the MarioWiki. In most cases, articles are rewritten to be different from MW, and we've been slowly revamping articles. It's been a gradual process between adding info and changing other info. Currently the wiki has 688 articles.
Of course we have articles on the exact topic. It happens. There are differing styles in most cases. The DKWiki has some information that MW does not, and the other way around. The same goes with images and such. Even editors have come from MarioWiki to help from time to time. Understandable, the Donkey Kong series is no easy subject to cover.
Now, us joining does NOT mean transferring content from MW. We're doing this our own way, bottom up. We're in desperate need of articles and coverage beyond DKC, my area of expertise. As I said, gradual process.
Again, DKWiki is NOT meant to be a MarioWiki clone. Stop talking about nuking wiki pages like that on MarioWiki. I would recommend a SLIGHT lowering of coverage on Donkey Kong on MarioWiki (less extreme).
I'll personally speed up the revamping progress myself and hold off adding much info for now. I don't believe I've said enough defending the wiki myself, but there's a start. I'll get the other guys to back me up.

If that's not enough, please tell me.

RyuEpicPose.gif--HavocReaper'48 16:08, 12 November 2010 (EST)

Well I think MW has their rights. After all, the 2 wikis we're discussing are both about Nintendo.PeanutPopgun998 (talk) 07:39, 4 November 2012 (EST)