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So... I made this page so that we can discuss what we should do with articles on levels in DKL2. As anybody who has played both DKL2 and DKC2 knows, all levels share the same names in both games (except for two: Haunted Hall is called Krazy Koaster and Castle Crush is called Dungeon Danger). That creates a little problem in what we should do as far as articles go. There are three possibilities:

  • All DKC2 level articles (except for Haunted Hall and Castle Crush) would have "(DKC2)" at the end of the their titles, and all DKL2 level articles (except for Krazy Koaster and Dungeon Danger) would have "(DKL2)" at the end, to disambiguate. For example, we would have "Pirate Panic (DKC2)" and "Pirate Panic (DKL2)". Searching for "Pirate Panic" would either lead to a disambiguation page, or redirect to the DKC2 page, with a disambiguation notice at the top of the article. (The latter would probably please most people, seeing that people play DKC2 more than DKL2.)
  • All DKC2 level/world articles would be unchanged, and all DKL2 level/world articles (except for the two noted earlier) would have "(DKL2)" at the end. So we would have "Pirate Panic" and "Pirate Panic (DKL2)". At the top of the DKC2 article, there would be a disambiguation notice linking to the DKL2 article.
  • The two levels would be merged into one article, with DKC2 being first, then DKL2 being second.

Personally, if I had to choose, I would prefer the second solution the most, the first solution next, and the third solution last. With the second solution, if one searches for "Pirate Panic", most people are looking for the DKC2 article and would probably prefer not to deal with disambiguation pages for DKC2 all the time, and with the disambiguation notice on top, they can simply click the link if they're looking for the DKL2 article. And I know how annoying it would be to deal with disambiguation pages all the time, because until very recently, Bulbapedia used to do this with Pokémon articles, where I simply wanted to see the species instead of wasting my time with the disambiguation page which lists of specific Pokémon that appear in the anime (ugh).

The first solution is OK, except for the disambiguation thing that I mentioned. The advantage to this one is that there's more "consistency" here, in that both article titles would have "(game name)" at the end. But if we were concerned about consistency, then we would have to do this with all other games, and personally something like "Lakeside Limbo (DKC3)" wouldn't make sense at all since there's no Lakeside Limbo in any other game. Kinda reminds me of all the route articles on Bulbapedia... :\

The third solution wouldn't make sense at all to me. After all, they're different games, and the levels have completely different layouts. People mistakenly think that DKL2 is a port of DKC2. It's not. While it is heavily influenced from it (same plot, many of the same enemies and Kongs, same worlds, same items, same music but in 8-bit, and many of the same level names), DKL2 is a different game. Merging different levels in the same article makes just as much sense as merging Pot Hole Panic from DKL and DKC3 in the same article (which Super Mario Wiki does for some reason), even though the levels are same in name only (OK, they're cave levels too). It would also make as much sense as merging DKL3's Lost World with the other two (this is hypothetical, as neither DKW nor SMW do this, thankfully).

This is just my opinion, but I'm willing to hear others too. --Blaziken257 12:45, 18 November 2010 (EST)

I vote solution #2 - "Pirate Panic" and "Pirate Panic (DKL2)". --Covah 16:05, 23 December 2010 (EST)