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Double Tusk

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Residence Pear Kingdom Star Fruit Kingdom
Species Tusk
Affiliates Chili Pepper Kingdom
Ghastly King
Powers/Abilities Firing cannonballs and explosive pineapples
Enemies Donkey Kong
Games Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The Double Tusks are two Tusks that are the bosses of the Pear Kingdom and the Star Fruit Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. These Tusks attack very similarly to the past Tusks, but split their HP between them, each one having 250. Also, the Double Tusks do not get angry when their HP is low. Rather, they become angry when one of the Tusks die. The main Double Tusk on the left is a light brown Tusk with a similar camouflage pattern as Turret Tusk and the other Tusk on the right appears to be a revived Grave Tusk, although whether it is truly Grave Tusk or just a duplicate is never said.