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Crosshair Cranky

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Crosshair Cranky
Crosshair Cranky map.png
World map of the Crosshair Cranky mode.
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country (GBC)

Crosshair Cranky is a mini-game mode exclusive to the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country. Crosshair Cranky, as its name suggests, is operated by Cranky Kong, despite that he is not featured in the mode.


Crosshair Cranky has six off-shore stages, each with its objective. The mini-game is inspired by Donkey Kong 64, as the Coconut Gun (originating from said game) is the main feature of the mini-game, and a few mini-games are based on a Bonus Stage from Donkey Kong 64. The objective in almost every stage is to fire coconuts at Kritters (but in the stage, Buddies Beware, he has to fire coconuts to help Animal Buddies cross pathways, or fire at cannons in Galleon Gunner).

Every stage has a yellow-background coconut icon in the center, divided into four sections. The sections are organized from left to right (i.e. the first section is at the top-left corner and the last section is at the bottom-right). A section turns entirely brown for each coconut that DK fires (half the icon turns brown for each fired coconut in Buddies Beware). DK cannot fire any coconuts after he fires four (or two in Buddies Beware). The player must press 'B' to reload the supply (and therefore reset the coconut icon) so that DK can fire coconuts again. The supply cannot be reloaded until every coconut is used.

A mood icon of Donkey Kong is displayed in the bottom-left corner. By default, DK's icon is happy. His mood will gradually worsen for each mistake that he makes. An example of a mistake is failing to fire at a Kritter on time. If he makes four mistakes, DK loses at the stage. Every stage has a counter set to a specific number, which gradually decreases (usually by numbers of one) if DK meets an objective (for example, by shooting a Kritter). When the counter successfully decreases down to zero, DK wins at the stage.

Crosshair Cranky is also featured in multiplayer mode. The first player is DK and the second player is Diddy with a blue cap. Both players must compete to complete every stage first.


Crosshair Cranky has six stages, all of which take place on small islands on the shore of Donkey Kong Island (except for the final stage Galleon Gunner). Every stage is inaccessible in the main Adventure mode. However, Galleon Gunner can be considered as an exception because it takes place just outside Gangplank Galleon.

DK starts on the world map on "Crosshair Cranky" (which is actually Kongo Jungle); the area has DK's head icon on it, but it cannot be accessed--it only functions as the world map's starting point. Just like in Adventure mode, the mini-game saves the progress of the stages that were completed by DK.