Cranky's Teachin's

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World Sun Sun Island
Type Jungle
Theme Cranky's Teachin's
Notable features Tutorial, multiple minigames

Enemies encountered Flitter

Game DK Jungle Climber

Cranky's Teachin's is the first and a tutorial level in DK: Jungle Climber. In this level, Cranky Kong gives Donkey Kong a tutorial on how the game is played. Sun Sun Beach proceeds this stage.


Cranky Kong will explain how to use every game mechanic in Jungle Climber. In order:

  • The tutorial begins by instructing the player on how to move left and right, and how to execute an attack. "L" and "R" can be used to move, and "A" will attack There will be a few Bananas to gather and two Wooden Barrels to break. Beyond the first screen, Cranky will provide a mini game where Donkey Kong has to jump over logs to gain points. He gets 10 points for each log, and if he jumps over two logs thats are very close to each other, he will gain ten points then twenty, for a total of 30. At least 80 points are needed to pass.
  • Next, Cranky will explain how to control Donkey Kong's hands, and with it, a mini game where bananas will be falling from the sky, and DK must use the appropriate hand to grab the fruit. "L" controls the left hand, and "R" controls the right. Each banana is worth one of itself, each banana bunch is five, and there is a rainbow banana that can be juggled for bonus points depending on how long it is juggled. The goal is fifty points. There will also be spiky balls thrown in the mix, and those should be avoided. Two climbing segments are presented afterward to further demonstrate the controls, in addition to DK having to race Diddy Kong in a speed climbing mini game. The time limit is sixty seconds.
  • After, Donkey Kong will learn to attack while climbing pegs. He will break a wooden barrel and defeat a Flitter.
  • Finally, the Crystal Star will be introduced and demonstrated with DK having to break a wooden crate containing 100 gems. Gathering these gems allows the star to be used, granting Donkey Kong temporary flight and invincibility. The tutorial will then conclude with one last climbing segment, and Cranky will tell Donkey that 100 bananas will give an extra life.