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Cool Cool Cave

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ExitIsNearSign.png Cool Cool Cave ExitSign.png
World Sun Sun Island
Type Cave
Theme Cool Cool Cave theme
Notable features Introduces the Flitter, Flip-Flap, and the Diddy Attack.

Enemies encountered Flitter, Flip-Flap, Neek

Game DK Jungle Climber

Cool Cool Cave is the fourth level of Sun Sun Island in Donkey Kong Jungle Climber.


Donkey Kong tosses Diddy up to smash the barrel above.

The level starts outside of the cave. Donkey Kong has to climb pegs in order to progress with the level. After climbing the pegs, the Kong will see a Flitter, with a breakable wall in front of it. A pair of pegs can be seen, which will lead into another Flitter and a Booster Barrel. The Barrel will launch through a breakable wall and onto ledge, where the Kong can continue on into the cave itself. A boulder with pegs is seen at the beginning. The Kong can use the boulder to roll. After rolling to the right and and jumping onto the rock ledge, a DK Barrel is seen. Touching the Barrel allows Donkey Kong to team up with Diddy Kong. After climbing up a set of pegs and attacking a Neek, another boulder is seen nearby. Rolling to the wall on the right will break it and reveal a set of pegs, which lead to a Booster Barrel, which in turn will launch the Kongs into another Booster Barrel. A Booster Barrel is seen below, which can be taken to lead to the next section.

In the next section, the Kong will see Cranky Kong, who will explain about the Diddy Attack. A DK Barrel is nearby, in case Diddy Kong is not with Donkey Kong. Using the Diddy Attack on a barrel with a ? on it, a set of pegs will be revealed. After climbing up more pegs and breaking several more barrels, the Kongs will encounter a breakable wall, which leads into the final section of the level. After climbing to the right and attacking the Neek, two breakable walls are seen with Flip-Flaps around it. Breaking the walls reveal another barrel with a ? on it. After climbing up several pegs, the Kongs will be outside the cave, finishing the level. A secret area northwest of the exit holds the level's DK Coin.


  • Banana Coins
    • 1: Found by defeating the second Flitter.
    • 2: Above the boulder trail in the second section.
    • 3: Found after being launched by the second Booster Barrel of the second section.
    • 4: Found by initial pegs at the beginning of the third section.
    • 5: Found in a barrel above the original location of the Neek in the final section.
  • Barrels:
    • DK Barrel: 2
    • Oil Barrel: Found behind the first breakable wall.
  • DK Coin: Northwest of the level's end gate is a secret area with several gems and the coin.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Below the ledge that leads to the second section.
    • O: Nearby the third Banana Coin.
    • N: Found after destroying the last breakable wall in the third section.
    • G: Found by pegs nearby the exit of the cave.