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Clapper's Cavern (Donkey Kong Country 2)

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For the level in Donkey Kong Land 2, see Clapper's Cavern (Donkey Kong Land 2)
ExitIsNearSign.png Clapper's Cavern ExitSign.png
World K. Rool's Keep
Type Cave
Theme In a Snow-Bound Land

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Clapper the Seal
Enguarde the Swordfish
Enemies encountered Spiny, Klampon, Kruncha, Lockjaw, Zinger, Neek, Click-Clack, Shuri, Flotsam, Puftup

Game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Clapper's Cavern is the fourth level of K. Rool's Keep in the Super Nintendo version of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, and was relocated to being the third level of the area in the Game Boy Advance remake.


Diddy jumps over Zingers to reach the "O" Letter.

The level takes place in a cave with ice and water. Lockjaw is the main enemy in the level. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong, at certain occasions, must avoid the water so they won't get bitten by the piranha. They must jump on their Animal Buddy, Clapper, to freeze the water below into ice so they can walk across. At some point in the level, the water will float up and the Kongs would see an Enguarde Animal Crate. The heroes can must use Enguarde in his brief segment to attack enemies in their way. Beyond that, the water will float upwards again, and they must again use Clapper to freeze the water.

Usually, there will be Zinger and Kruncha enemies serving as obstacles on the slippery frozen lakes. Kruncha are more common on the ground, though, and given the small walking space provided, they can be tricky to get around if a Team-Up attack is not used. At various points in the level, the duo will have to gain momentum on the ice and duck in order to slide underneath Zinger enemies, whether it be to collect items or progress in the stage.



Dixie ducks down to slide into the "N" Letter
  • Banana Coin: 4
  • Barrels:
  • DK Coin: Accessed by doing a team up jump upward of the area where Diddy/Dixie return to the level after completing the first bonus stage.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: There are two ways to get the "K" Letter in this level: One is found above a Zinger, and another is found by finishing the first bonus level.
    • O: Left of two Zingers.
    • N: Below a Zinger, obtainable by running and ducking to slide beneath it.
    • G: In the top left corner of the level proceeding four hooks.
  • No Animal Sign: 1
  • Golden Feather (GBA): After finishing the first bonus room and being launched in the area with the "K" Letter and the DK Coin, the feather is found east of the DK Coin.

Bonus Levels

The entrance to the second bonus room is alluded by the lone banana on the right.
  • Find The Token!: The first bonus area is accessed by using the Team Up attack to reach a hook directly above the starting point, and heading east past some Spiny and Klampon enemies. In the stage, the duo must jump from one platform to the other and get the Kremkoin within the time limit of twenty seconds.
  • Find The Token!: The second bonus area is found by going east of the No Animal Sign until an area is found with a Puftup, Banana Coin, and a lone Banana. The banana indicates the entrance to the bonus level -- Enguarde's charge stab will break it open. In the stage, Diddy and Dixie must use Enguarde to aid them in collecting the Kremkoin under fifteen seconds.

End Prizes

  • Banana
  • Banana Bunch
  • Banana Coin


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Game Boy Advance

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