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Candy Clone

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The Candy Clone cutting DK's hair.

The Candy Clone is a robotic clone of Candy Kong that appeared during the Donkey Kong Country animated series. She appeared in a few episodes and was used for King K. Rool, but she always messed up when doing something for him.


Bad Hair Day

Candy Clone first appeared in the episode, Bad Hair Day. She was created by King K. Rool to make Donkey Kong weak by cutting all his hair. Later on in the episode, she appears, wanting to give Donkey Kong a present for being a hero. The real Candy Kong also comes along, wanting to give him a present as well. He makes a decision by deciding who is the real Candy Kong, and he chooses Candy Clone as the real Candy Kong. Candy Kong then tells Donkey Kong not to talk to her again, drops the present and leaves. Candy Clone asks Donkey Kong for a kiss, but as soon as they are about to kiss, the robot's head blows up.

I Spy with My Hairy Eye

In the episode, I Spy with My Hairy Eye, King K. Rool repairs Candy Clone to steal the Crystal Coconut from the Kongs. She grabs the coconut and heads over to the White Mountains, where Eddie the Mean Old Yeti is. Candy Clone seems to be less intelligent in this appearance, likely because her AI wasn't restored properly.

To the Moon Baboon

Candy Clone does not appear in the episode, To the Moon Baboon, but she is mentioned by Krusha when he is talking to Klump.