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Bramble Blast (Donkey Kong Country 2)

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For the eponymous Donkey Kong Land 2 level, see Bramble Blast (Donkey Kong Land 2).
ExitIsNearSign.png Bramble Blast ExitSign.png
World Krem Quay
Type Bramble thicket
Theme Stickerbush Symphony

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Squawks
Enemies encountered Klampons, Zingers, Click-Clacks and Flitters

Game Donkey Kong Country 2

Bramble Blast is the sixth level of Krem Quay in Donkey Kong Country 2. Completing this level leads to the area boss, Kudgel.


Dixie and Diddy get launched into another barrel cannon.

This level takes place within an infestation of thorny bramble plants, where if Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong make contact with it, they will be injured. The plants are prominent throughout the whole level, and create "boundaries" that cannot be crossed. Diddy and Dixie will have to traverse the level with barrel cannons. Usually, Diddy and Dixie will be in a "room" of barrel cannons and have to figure out a path to reach a single barrel cannon to launch them into a narrow passageway to another room. Upon entering a cannon, it will rotate, and the player must manually launch the Kongs out of it. Trails of Bananas usually allude to the correct path to take, or to hidden areas with bonus items, such as Banana Coins, or a Bonus Barrel. Zingers appear here as obstacles for Diddy and Dixie. There are a few walking segments between barrel blasting sections, where enemies such as Klampon or Click-Clack will be found.

In this level, Squawks can be found shortly before the level ends. In a late part of the stage, a barrel cannon will be oriented so that it will launch the Kongs diagonally at a Flitter which flies from left to right. After being launched into it with proper timing, they will reached an Auto Fire Barrel that will propel them into more Flitters beyonds the original one. By jumping to the left of the succession of Flitters instead of to the right, they will be launched into Squawks. He can fly them through a thicket of bramble plants leading to the DK Coin, a Bonus Barrel, and the "G" KONG Letter. Some Red Zingers are encountered in this section of the thicket; They cannot be hurt, only avoided.



Finding the DK Coin.
  • Banana Bunch: 8
  • Banana Coin: 2
  • Barrels:
  • DK Coin: Above the three final Flitters. Jump into a barrel that will shoot them to Squawks. Fly until seeing a Zinger and defeat it and fly to the DK Coin.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Located below the first Zinger. It is in the firing path of some nearby Barrel Cannons.
    • O: Found in the middle of a room of Barrel Cannons, southeast of a trail of bananas that lead to the next part in the stage.
    • N: Obtained by launching a barrel cannon directly upward, past the Star Barrel.
    • G: Gotten by finishing the second bonus level.
  • Golden Feather: In the remake of DKC2, there is a Golden Feather in between two barrel cannons in the upper right corner of a room past two Click-Clacks.

Bonus Levels

  • Find the Token! -- The first bonus barrel is in the southwest corner of a room with a plethora of arrow barrels. A banana in the corner alludes to its location. In the stage, the time limit is forty seconds to get to the other side of the room. The room is filled with barrel cannons, though not all of them rotate in all directions. Specific barrels rotate in a way such that Diddy and Dixie can progress to the right. They must reach an Auto Fire Barrel that launches them into the Kremkoin.
  • Find the Token! -- The second bonus barrel is found by jumping to the left of the first Flitter in a succession of Flitters right before the Exit Target. By falling down the hole, it will lead to an Arrow Barrel that will launch the duo into Squawks. With Squawks, he can fly the heroes to the DK Coin and to the Bonus barrel. In the stage, the heroes have 25 seconds to get to the Kremkoin at the other side of the stage with the assistance of Squawks. There are no enemies to be encountered.

End Prizes

  • Banana
  • Banana Bunch
  • Banana Coin


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