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Bouncy Bonanza

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ExitIsNearSign.png Bouncy Bonanza ExitSign.png
World Monkey Mines
Type Cave
Theme Cave Dweller Concert
Notable features Large quantities of Tires
Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Winky
Enemies encountered Kritters, Zingers

Game Donkey Kong Country

Bouncy Bonanza is the third level of Monkey Mines in the original Donkey Kong Country. It proceeds Mine Cart Carnage.


A tire is used to reach the Star Barrel.

Bouncy Bonanza is a dark cave level, featuring bouncy rubber tires throughout the level. The enemies found in this level include Kritters and Zingers. Some of the Kritters are capable of high-jumps, which means they must be approached with caution. Zingers pose as obstacles both mid-air and in crawlspaces of the cave. Winky the Frog appears in the latter half of the level. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can take advantage of Winky's excellent jumping abilities to defeat the high-jumping Kritters at their own game, or defeat Zingers that get in the way.

Getting to the end of the stage permits access to the stage Stop & Go Station.


Animal Buddies

  • Winky the Frog: found in a secret bonus area halfway through the level, after the Star Barrel.


  • Bananas: 83 (Additionally: the first bonus level can reward one or ten bananas, and the second can reward 10 bananas)
  • DK Barrels: 4
Diddy crawls towards the "N" Letter.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Found shortly after the first Zinger, guarded by two jumping Kritters.
    • O: Guarded by a lone Zinger a short walk after the first bonus level
    • N: In the secret pass-through area guarded by a Zinger. To access this, one must bring the moveable tire shortly after the Star Barrel onto the moving platform, ride it up and jump on the tire, moving right.
    • G: Located above the arrow sign; guarded by three jumping Kritters in a row.
  • Rambi's Animal Token: In a "stop the barrel" bonus level.
  • Star Barrel: Found in an area that requires the Kongs to crawl under and use the Tire to get
  • Vine Barrel: 2 (changed to Wooden Barrels in GBC remake).

Bonus Levels

  • Stop the Barrel: Near the beginning of the level, the Kongs will find a vine barrel. They must take that barrel and bash a nearby wall that's guarded by two Zingers. Inside, the Kongs effectively play a "shell game" with a Rambi token.
  • After the "N" KONG Letter, the Kongs will come to a pre-opened cave in an alcove, and a crate with Winky is inside. It's unknown if this really is a bonus level; The GBA version doesn't count it, and doesn't even play a level intro for it, but the Bonus Room Blitz theme plays in the area.
  • Collect the Bananas: The automatic Barrel Cannon (SNES/GBC)/Bonus Barrel (GBA) is in plain sight near the level end, but it's very high up and will require either Winky or a loose tire to be rolled onto the moving platform underneath. Inside, the Kongs will be inside a stationary rotating manual Barrel Cannon. They'll have to blast out and use the tires to get all the bananas.


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