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Blizzard in Donkey Kong Country 3.

Residence Blizzard's Basecamp, K3
Family Brothers Bear
Species Polar bear (Super Nintendo version)
Grizzly bear (GBA remake)
Gender Male
Affiliates Dixie Kong
Kiddy Kong
Brothers Bear

Games Donkey Kong Country 3
"Did he like my present? It took me ages to think of what to give to him."

Blizzard (ブリザード, Burizādo) is a mountain climbing Brothers Bear who appears in Donkey Kong Country 3.


Donkey Kong Country 3

Blizzard introduces himself.

Blizzard debuts and only appears in the Super Nintendo version of Donkey Kong Country 3.

In the game, he wants to scale the K3 mountain; he also established his own basecamp. When Dixie and Kiddy visit Blizzard, he gets surprised that they found him high in the mountains. He then tells the Kongs that he remembered Blue's birthday; he regrets being unable to visit him, as he lives far away and is climbing up the K3 mountainside. Blizzard then requests for Dixie and Kiddy to deliver his present to Blue in Cotton-Top Cove.

Blizzard was thinner in the beta Donkey Kong Country 3.

In the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3, Blizzard changed from a polar bear, from the Super Nintendo release, to a grizzly bear. Beforehand, he was the only Brothers Bear who was a polar bear. He is also wearing his backpack containing his supplies. His basecamp was also reconstructed from a frozen shack to a warm cabin house with a fireplace, a rectangular red carpet and wooden furniture.