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ExitIsNearSign.png 100m ExitSign.png
World Big Ape City (supposedly)
Type Construction Site
Theme 25m

Enemies encountered Trouble Bugs,
Donkey Kong

Game Donkey Kong
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100m is the 'final' level of the original Donkey Kong, and the last level of the first world in its Game Boy port.

Level Overview[edit]

The level is unique from the other levels in the game; instead of having to reach the top and get Pauline, Jumpman must instead bring Donkey Kong himself down. In order to do so, Jumpman must walk across the "rivets" to remove them and weaken the central structure. Other items found in the level are the usual Trouble Bugs, Hammers, and Pauline items. Once all eight rivets are gone, Donkey Kong will fall.

Upon beating the level, Donkey Kong, as stated above, will fall down head first and be defeated, and Jumpman and Pauline will reunite. The game will then start over on 25m, keeping the player's high score and live count.